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Book-Hub Review "The Rainbow Comes and Goes" Book Shared the Story of Anderson Cooper and His Mother-Gloria Vanderbilt

"The Rainbow Comes and Goes" book, the book share the lives story between mother and her son in their difficult time.

Anderson Hays Cooper was born in June 3, 1967, New York City, New York, United States Of America. He graduated from Yale University in Business Administration (BA.). He works for CNN and CBS as a journalist and he is a book author, game show and talk show host.

Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper are Anderson’s parents- mother and father respectively. Anderson’s partner is Benjamin Marsani.

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This book “The Rainbow Comes and Goes” talks about the relationship story between Anderson and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt-born in February 20, 1924, New York City, New York, United States.

Gloria Vanderbilt is actress, author, socialite, artist, and fashion designer. She in 2015, turned to 91 year old, has a bad sickness. Anderson wonders if he can spend his time for his mum, but it has hardly to do that due to he is very tight with his job. Yes, that is right, one would agrees with that once learns Anderson works for CNN and CBS- the typically job that need well prepared and do good homework before conduct.

Then he has an idea writing letters (E-mail) to his mum and exchange what they want to say and if somethings still to discover between them-mum and her grown son.

What the book “The Rainbow Comes and Goes” tells the world is love between mother and son through their conversation that they write to each other for years. They speak what have faced in the past in their lives and what they want to share and something they have been keeping in their mind to be discovered between them.

In the words they have exchanged-some stories are untold before such as Vanderbilt tells her son, Anderson Cooper, about her the very most personal life’s path-her romantic love affairs with Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra-Hollywood high-profile actors.

In any bad situation, it always has the way out. It is true isn’t it? Anderson has an idea to show his intend to his mother while she is sick, due to the wall of his busy jobs against and distance-he can make more their close relationship extremely interesting story of the real people and events- son has done for his mum.

Not only the words they write to communicate and share their felling each other but also their events causing great suffering and great achievement in their lives. They are in this spur book.

You can see how son treats his mother without any condition even his appearance to the world is a definitely difference to his mother’s pursuing ideals and steady positiveness.

If you are the one who want to let you parents or any of your lover to know how you are grateful to them. Anderson has told you already via this book “The Rainbow Comes and Goes” just only open its cover and find what a wonderful appealing memoir inside it.

Title: The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: April 10, 2016

Book Details:

Book author: Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt
Publisher: Harper
Published date: April 5, 2016
Language: English

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  1. Anderson Cooper is grateful to his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, and then he tries to comfort her while she is in a brief of severe illness by writing e-mail to her.

    Such the good thing that he has done to his mum is a great example for kids to take it in mind and apply to use to their parents.

    I appreciate and wish his book would boom to the world.

  2. It's a great idea to use IT technology for solve some problem like this book "The Rainbow Comes and Goes" said Anderson Cooper is writing e-mail to his mother because he is lack of time enough to spend with her closely.

    It's well done.

  3. Naturally, parents have never asked any things for their kids. Thus, it is understood by everyone to think by himself or herself and re-pay to parents properly.

    Both Anderson Cooper(Grown son) and Gloria Vanderbilt(Mother at age 92 year-old) have exchanged their thinking and telling some experiences of them to each other is a very beautiful story.

    This makes me considering to my father in his age at 73 year-old. I have to do something to him - I am going to shopping some good fresh material for cooking healthy food for him.

    Thank you for Anderson and Maria's book "The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss".

    It's one of good book I like and it could ignite my bright idea to do something new that I have never done before.