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Book-Hub Review : Twilight Tenth Anniversary "Life and Death Dual" Edition Released October 6, 2015 by Stephenie Meyer

Now Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight romantic love story has come up cycle Tenth Anniversary. To celebrating the auspicious occasion of her great work-, she has announced and launched her novel in double feature, Twilight and Life and Death.

The time fly so fast, in 2005, 10 years ago, Twilight novel has given intense pleasure and joy to readers who love Stephenie Meyer’s writing for more than millions as its first launch publishing of her novel so far.

The book “Twilight” has become an interesting modern classic, giving a new different definition to genres among young adult literature – person in age range of 20-40 years old, and influencing a circumstance that has had book readers feeling of intense longing for more.

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The “Twilight” novel was a number 1 USA Today and New York Time bestseller, an NPR Best-Ever Teen Novel, Time Magazine Best Young Adult book, and a New York Times Editor’s choice.

All these book has sold around 155 million copies worldwide-The Twilight Sega, which also includes New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Short Second life of Bree Tanner : An Eclipse Novella and The Twilight Sega : The official illustrated Guide.

It is time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Twilight! The new edition features about 400 pages of new satisfied content and in addition extremely beautiful and typically delicate brand new back cover art-producing book to be more appreciated.

In the “Life and Death” part, it slightly changes to the only some narratives. This part is like retelling of the original story, “Twilight”.

However, the author, Stephenie Meyer has adjusted some character’s appearances such as Beau’s will more repeat thoughts and sensations or behaviors than Bella-.

Novel readers will enjoy greatly jacketed hardcover as a flipbook in oversize package.

Find a phenomenal love story makes you feel excited and anxious about what is going on to happen in the romantic love scenario of Bella and Edward through latest look.

Title: Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: 11 April 2016

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-0316268394
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 10 Anv edition
Published date: October 6, 2015
Language: English

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  1. Since the Twilight novel film has launched in late of 2008. It has grossed over $3.3 billion in worldwide.

    In the circle of 10 years times, to recall the novel fan club and celebrate the tenth anniversary of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has written the book with special double-feature, Twilight Special Tenth Anniversary and Twilight Reimagined”.

    If you would like to find your love story that, it has ever attracted you before.

    Now, should you more the story?