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Best Book “The Primal Prescription: Surviving The "Sick Care" Sinkhole” | How To Deal The U.S. Health Care.

Of course if you are an American who cannot say “NO” the health care and insurance system, well you have to learn on how to adapt yourself to get along with it well.

I intend to read the advantages and the method from the informative material source: “The Primal Prescription: Surviving The "Sick Care" Sinkhole”, so that I know how to deal the Health Care and Insurance.

Why so?

Because The U.S. government spent money around $9,086 per capita income of its citizens on health care in 2013, which is more than 17 percent of GDP. Then, I have to pay more attention and gain full advantages from it.

We may say we might be in the dark of health care plan today. But we are able to unlock this mysterious of our feeling worse.

Yes, everyone including me, too? - don't want to spend lots of time searching for the light at the end of the tunnel the way to learn and gain all the benefit of the health care and insurance system.

If you feel you are in the dark room and tried of the health care and insurance system, which you have been involved.

Now you can reduce your anxiety and make your life as normal as you used to be, because Doug McGuff MD and Robert P. Murphy have gathered all information and approaches and written them all in a book; The Primal Prescription: Surviving The "Sick Care" Sinkhole, - available on bookshelf since October 21, 2015.

Find the best book “The Primal Prescription: Surviving The "Sick Care" Sinkhole” which it will help you on how to avoid any tight grasp of the United States Health Care now-the health care which is high annual paid, but the outcomes of overall citizens’’ health is not much better as it should be.

In this book, Doug McGuff MD., a doctor and weight lifter, is curious in exercise at the young age, graduated from the university of Texas Medical School at San Antonio, and Robert P. Murphy, graduated a Ph.D. from the New York University in Economics, has his own company where he teaches economics principles & analyzing government policies for the general public.

You will explore what the real U.S. Health Care history through this book, the informative material that will navigate you about how to be ready with it, United States Health Care.

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Title: The Primal Prescription: Surviving The "Sick Care" Sinkhole
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: November 2, 2015

Book Details:

Book author: Doug McGuff MD and Robert P. Murphy
Publisher:Primal Nutrition, Inc.
Published date: 1 edition (October 21, 2015)
Language: English

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[[Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition]] (Harry Potter, Book 1) - J.K. Rowling (Author), Jim Kay (Illustrator)

Do you know that "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone", book one, is releasing on October 6, 2015?

How does the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The illustrated edition” look like?

The book is in lavishly illustrated full-color editions

It is with 100 and more stunning illustrations.

The best book, which is designed by Jim Kay into luxury appearance as an ideal gift for kids. Book cover is being presented to the story inside of the book. In addition, it is made for the dedicated true fan of J.K. Rowling’s works.

Who is an illustrator of this J.K. Rowling’s beloved book?

It is Jim Kay, Kate Greenway-award winning artist.

What is the synopsis in the book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The illustrated edition”?

A protagonist, Harry Potter, lives with his awful aunt and uncle, the Dursleys. Harry has to suffer living in the same house with their damnable son-Dudley, a great guy who is extremely fond to use his strength or power to harm or intimidate who are weaker, that it would be…H a r r y.

For instance, at the Dudley’s birthday which is held at zoo. There was a mysterious incident while everybody is talking and laughing at the event, they all got scared, because the glass that is usually put in front of a boa constrictor-a South American snake with a very long trick body kills animals by wrapping itself around then squeezing them until its unlucky victims is dead, disappears unexpectedly.

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Harry is a scapegoat and later punished for this happening.

A very small room at the foot of the stairs in the house is Harry’s space to live, or as we know, his bedroom- a room that is not enough to swing a cat…

He has never seen any birthday party’s candle, has not heard or sung birthday song-“Happy birthday to you (Harry)…”, in eleven years.

His life is very very sorrow. It is been since he was too young and so far.

However, one day, an owl messenger has bought a dark secret letter to Harry.

How would Harry’s life about to be after the letter arrival? What is the letter about? - find it together with Harry in the new edition book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The illustrated edition”

The Dursley run away from their house to somewhere else that nobody knows. Because they worry about the mysterious letters begin coming for Harry.

However, one day at midnight, Hagrid has made a large bang on the door come into a secluded island hut as the place that the Durley stay. He is on his duty as a post man-hands a Hogwarts school’s admissions to Harry.

After that night passed, Hagrid picks Harry to London city and buy some supplies for studying in school.

Before Hagrid and Harry doing somethings else, they decide go to the specified wizard bank, named “Gringotts”. Once Harry contracts to the bank and updates his bank account, he has a big surprise for lots of money that his father and mother have deposited for him. Oh my god! Now Harry can shop whatever that has to use for his class in school without worrying of shortage of money. The Diagon Alley, at the commercial street for wizard’s supply. Harry buys some necessary things such as a magic wand, some elements that are combined to make a particular for potions, and of course textbooks.

One month go by fast, during Harry’s journey to his school, Hogwarts, on the train, which is he catches, the other first-year who are studying at the same school-Ron Weasley-who becomes the best friend of Harry Potter, and Hermione Jean Granger, a young girl with insecurity and fear of failure, they befriend each other since then.

The first-years students have to choose their residential house that they will live, as it is a boarding school. Anyway, to be fair to everyone, very new students have to take turns putting on the “Sorting Hat” to pick their individual house accordingly.

They, Harry, Ron and Hermione end up in the noble “Gryffindor” house. Harry feels comfortable for now not being assigned to the sinister “Slytherin” house that he fears while putting on the “Sorting Hat”

At the time that the school year having started and in progress, Hagrid comes and reassures Harry saying something to remove the doubts and fear of his Potions professor, Snape, as Harry learns that Snape dislike him, - “It has no any reason that Snape have no liking you, Harry.”

Draco Malfoy snatches Neville’s prized toy and flies to the top of a tree while Neville has injured during their first flying lesson on broomsticks. Draco is a bully student from Slytherin residential house. This incedent brings Harry to play Quidditch later on as Professor McGonagall witness Harry tries to fly after Draco Malfoy and make a striking catch once Malfoy throws the balls in the air.

At midnight, there is a wizard’s duel between Harry and Malfoy. This duel is held due to Malfoy challenges Harry. When the time comes to start the contest, Malfoy does not show up himself at the appointed place. Harry is trying to hide too. However, he almost gets in big trouble. Because he accidentally finds guard dog with three-headed that he is a caretaker for a trap door in the forbidden corridor-third-floor.

Inside the building on Halloween, a strange troll is found. All students are rescued into their residential houses. Except Harry and Ron, they sneak off to find Hermione and see her while running away the troll in the girl’s bathroom.

They help each other battle the troll, - Harry rides on and grabs the troll’s neck from behind and stabs his stick into the ugly strange animal’s nose.

While the troll catches Harry’s legs up with and one hand and attempts to beat Harry’s by the club with the other hand. Harry’s head is upside down. He tells Ron to do something helping him. Ron swishes and flicks his wand and speaks the magic spell words. Finally, they defeat the troll.

Once school’s professors learn and question what happening. To protect Harry and Ron from being penalized, Hermione has to tell a lie for all that matter occurrence in the bathroom. At the Harry’s first Quidditch competition, He cannot control his broom smoothly as it should be. It moves like under someone else order it. Hermione observes Snape looking fixedly at Harry and say somethings in a low vice and undertone. She comes up with thought Snape muttering a curse and making Harry’s broom jerk out of control. Therefore, she decides to light a fire on Snape’s clothes. Finally, Harry’s broom becomes under his control again and he does a spectacular play to be the winner of the match-Quidditch.

Late at night, Harry explores the school, which is hidden by his father’s invisibility cloak sending him for Christmas. Harry finds the Mirror of Erised. This mirror will show the deepest whish of any person who looks in it. Harry does and sees his parents still alive through it-the Magic Mirror, Mirror of Erised that displays the user his or her heart’s deepest desire.

Afterward the Christmas, Harry, Hermione and Ron plan to find out what it is the relationship between a break-in at Gringotts and The Three-headed guard dog are linked each other. So they kick-off to puzzle out the mystery and learn that the dog is watching over to protect the Sorcerer’s stone, - the stone that having the ability of contributing eternal life and unlimited riches to a person who owns it. Who is the stone’s owner? It belongs to Nicolas Flamel, Dumbledore’s old partner.

Hagrid is a half-giant-human who is the gamekeeper and a Keeper of keys and Grounds of Hogwarts School. In 1940, he was in the Gryffindor house when attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was framed by Tom Riddle for the crime of opening the Chamber of Secrets and using his pet Acromantula( a species of giant spider are believed to be wizard-breed species native to the rainforest of Southeast Asia) to attack and kill of several Muggle-born students. Though he was expelled, his wand was snapped.

However, as the request of Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid was educated and trained as gamekeeper of Hogwarts and permitted him to have the school grounds as the place where he could live. Hagrid wins a dragon egg in a poker game. Dragon egg is a very large egg as around 12 x 8 inches and need a lot heat from their parents, particularly mothers to hatch, dragon eggs are very protective by their mothers.

To help Hagrid from trouble of illegal having Dragon, the trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione try to reach Ron’s older brother-Charlie Weasley. Charlie learns and works dragons in Romania and knows how to treat dragons very well, in order to plan to take the dragon away from their place as to be free of troublesome because it is illegal to own dragons in the school.

Nevertheless, they are all unfortunate and are caught. Finally, they are very seriously penalized, and Gryffindor is docked 150 points-House points usually are awarded to students at Hogwarts school, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry where sorted of divided into four houses - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slyntherin, that correctly answer a question, do somethings good deeds, or win Quidditch Match. But the points can also be taken away for rule breaking such as the happening case-having a dragon.

On top of that, part of their penalty is to go into the enchanted forest with Hagrid to search out who has been killing unicorn not long time ago. In the dark forest, Harry encounters a mysterious hooded man drinking a dead unicorn blood. That hooded figure makes an attempt to kill Harry but Harry is rescued by a friendly centaur, Firenze, who explains him that the assailant figure who was trying to attack Harry is actually Lord Voldemort.

Future more, Harry reveals now that is Voldemort who has been trying hard for a long time to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone and he wants immortality, to be an eternal life, then he drinks unicorn blood.

Harry makes a decision he has to search for the Sorcerer’s Stone earlier than Voldemort does. At that night, they, Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneak off to the mysterious corridor-the forbidden third-floor, the place that Harry accidentally find it before. They get past the guard dog by put him to fall asleep with playing music tune on whistle that Harry got it from Hagrid for Christmas.

While they feat many dangerous guarding and get closer to their destination where the stone is, Harry finally finds himself immediate facing with Quirrell in front of him. Quirrell wants to kill Harry then he announces that Harry must die by his attack.

Once Quirrell learns that Harry and his friends come to seek the Sorcerer’s Stone, he forces Harry to be in front of the Mirror of Erised and asks Harry telling about what he can see in the Mirror. Harry sees the stone in his pocket, and he actually senses it in his pocket too. However, Harry does not want to tell Quirrell the truth what it is in the Mirror of Erised. He tells a lie that he sees something else. But Quirrell can smell the rat that Harry is lying him, so he puts off his turban and reveals Voldemort’s face on the back of his head.

Quirrell is under Voldemort’s control. Voldemort is inhabiting Quirrell’s body. Voldemort uses Quirrell body to do things as his assignment. He tells Quirrell to kill Harry. With unknown, when Quirrell attacks and touches the boy, his body is immediately burned-out.

As a result of fight afterword, it makes Harry black out-undergo a sudden and temporary loss of his consciousness at the forbidden place.

When Harry gets back consciousness, he finds himself in the hospital with Dumbledore. Harry makes a request Dumbledore to explain him what happen during he pass out. Dumbledore tells Harry that he comes in time while seeing Lord Voldemort uses his Legilimency on Harry to seek out what is in Harry’s mind and discovers the Stone in Harry’s pocket. Voldemort instructs Quirrell to grasp the Sorcerer's Stone from Harry. But when Quirrell come so close and contact Harry’s body, his skin is burned. Then he saves Harry from the struggle just in time. Dumbledore adds that he and Nicolas Flamel have made a decision together to destroy the Stone.

Harry comes to join the end-of-year banquet. In this school event, Slyntherin celebrates its Seventh consecutive win of the school Hogwarts House championship cup. As well, Dumbledore awards many last-minute points to Gryffindor for the feats of Harry and his friends, winning the house cup for Gryffindor, the residential house, where Harry Potter, Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley, and Hermione Granger live.

Summer comes up, Harry goes back to London to visit his uncle family, the Dursley, and spends Summer time there.

Title: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The illustrated edition”
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: October 8, 2015

Book Details:

Book author: J.K. Rowling (Author), Jim Kay (Illustrator)
ISBN-13: 978-0545790352
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books; Illustrated edition
Published date: October 6, 2015

Language: English

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[[The Martian]] Book - The At Stake of The Solely Astronaut Written by Andy Weir | Book-Hub Review

Someone else might be dead if he was in this unforgiving environment. However, it is not for Mark Watney. 

Now you can enjoy your reading and fell you are now not at on earth, but Mars...

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"Martian" book is about the adventure of the solely man on

As an astronaut, Mark Watney, the first one who is walking on Mars for just around SIX Days ago.

No one expected, while he and his crew on Mars, the dust storm had attracted them severely. Then, after that, he finds himself stayed alone COMPLETELY. All of his crew had evacuated to earth during being forced by the giant storm. The crew thought him, Mark, already dead.

In the mid of darkness where it is far from earth around 225 million km. average between Mars and Earth. What can he eat? Where is he going to sleep? Is there any drinking water for ending his thirsty? No, all these questions are unanswered.

Unbelievable, he thinks in positive way, - Why can’t he come back to his home (Earth) since it has the way that he comes to the Mars. There is the will there is the way.

As an engineer background, Mark should handle this tough situation in the tough time. Will his resourcefulness be enough to deal the one apparently unconquerable difficulty against him? On the other hand, he is much likely to be killed by his thought as one of the two frog’s story as almost everyone has heard!

The worst case of human life adventures are on the Earth; sea, junks and mountains, but in the book “Martian”, it talks about at stake in the fourth planet which taking around 9 months to get there-Mars.

Andy Weir, an author, thinks wildly unlimited- he thinks and tells us about the astronaut to help himself without waiting for hands from god to rescue him.

It is not much to see a ten thousand customer reviews on every books on shelf, but the “Martian” does.

If you are one who is fond reading book. Never miss the story that happen outside Earth but you can see it as real as you were there- Mars while you sit on Earth, at your place.

Title: The Martian
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: 7 Oct. 2015

Book Details:

Book author: Andy Weir
ISBN-13: 978-0553418026
Publisher: Broadway Books; Reprint edition
Published date: 28 Oct. 2014
Language: English

Michael Leng is Thai, has a BA in Hotel management from Ramkhamhaeng University. He had worked for some hotels. Currently he works in logistics field, Bangkok, Thailand. Because of loving in English,  he has written some his own blogs in English-he really wants any feedback about his English he has posted.

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[[I Am Charlie Wilson]] Book by Charlie Wilson - He Tells The Tale Of His Almost 60 Years Lifetime.

The farseeing-looked forward to precious moment involving several-moment Grammy-nominated artisan Charlie Wilson, the actual well-known R&B and Blue funk singer-songwriter-producer—interlocking together with his recollections associated with working together with other like, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Snoop Dogg..

Regarded throughout the world intended for his distinct voice as well as eternal hits occupying a profession involving nearly five decades, Charlie Wilson is among the almost all recognized performers of the era.

Therefore, it needed family and friends simply by astonish while they tested in to therapy and says he had recently been not only displaced, and helpless.

Hither, inside the precious moment lovers have been demanding, will be the story of precisely how love and belief maintained him as a result of not merely his dependency, but in addition prostate cancer.

He, Charlie Wilson, works in the music field with some others well known in the similar career like Justin Timberlake and Pharrell.

Nowadays over 20 years, Wilson recounts the lifetime loaded with vertiginous altitudes as well as heartrending lows. He has a story regarding overcome difficulty.

Now, the story of Wilson for the sixty years that he spends his life as pop culture, including his individual life- love, family and so on.

Yes, his entire tale will be contained in book, I Am Charlie Wilson, and everyone can find it in some bookstore nearby or online shopping websites.

Title: I Am Charlie Wilson
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: 14 June 2015

Book Details:

Book author: Charlie Wilson
ISBN-13: 978-1476790077
Publisher: Atria / 37 INK; 37th edition
Published date: June 30, 2015
Language: English

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[[Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian]] Novel Book Written by E L James | Book-Hub Review

Once I learned that E L James has tried to pursue what was at her young age dream-- writing stories that readers would fall in love with.

That is why the book “Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian” launched in June 18, 2015, published by Vintage. E L James is brilliantly author; she has succeeded in writing her several romance novels, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

Do you know that all her trilogy went on to sell more than 125 million copies worldwide?

They have been translated into 52 languages.

Currently, E L James lives in West London with her husband and their two sons.

Good news, E L James is writing her new novels and planning as producer on the upcoming movie versions of Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

Therefore, we will see her new job in different way very soon.

In 2012 E L James was named one of Barbara Walters's "Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year," one of Time magazine's "Most Influential People in the World," and Publishers Weekly’s "Person of the Year.”

Start to see the entire world of Fifty Shades of Grey anew through the eyes of Christian Grey.

In Christian's own words and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James gives a fresh perspective within the romance containing enthralled countless readers worldwide.

Christian Grey exercises control in every things; his world is neat, disciplined, and utterly empty—before the day that Anastasia Steele falls into his office, in the tangle of shapely limbs and tumbling brown hair. He tries to forget her, however rather is involved in a very storm of emotion he cannot comprehend and should not resist.

Unlike any woman he's known before, shy, unworldly Ana usually see right through him—past the business prodigy and the penthouse lifestyle to Christian’s cold, wounded heart.

Will being with Ana dispel the horrors of his childhood that haunt Christian nightly? On the other hand, will his dark sexual desires, his compulsion to regulate, and the self-loathing that fills his soul drive this girl away and destroy the fragile hope she offers him?

Title: Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.

At: 16 June 2015

Book Details:

Publisher: Vintage
Published date: June 18, 2015
Language: English

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[[So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures]] by Maureen Corrigan | Book-Hub Review

"Maureen Corrigan has produced a minor miracle: a book about The Great Gatsby that stands up to Gatsby itself" --Michael Cunningham.

That's the words Michael Cunningham, an American author and screenwriter said about the book "So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures" written by Maureen Corrigan

Michael is best known for his 1998 novel The Hours, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the PEN/Faulkner Award in 1999.

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“So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures is the latest book from Maureen Corrigan. She has written the book “Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading” which is published by Random House in 2005 for the first edition (Hardcover) and in 2007; - the book is available in Kindle Edition

Maureen Corrigan is a book critic for NPR’s as “Fresh Air”, the Critic-in-Residence of Georgetown University, and WINNER of the Edgar Award for Criticism.

Now, Maureen Corrigan inspires us her own story-to-re-experience Gatsby.

According to the Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, Maureen Corrigan thinks it is a bit too hard for many one first read it when they were too young to deeply understand and comprehend about the power of the book.

So with abilities and plus her some researching of the informative material sources the Gatsby’s reception in the Library of Congress, she has brought some more advance attraction, vivaciousness, inspiration…into this book.

Yes, you are right, that is why this book is begun with the word “So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures”

Title: So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures

Reviewed by: Michael Leng
At: 7th June 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-0316230063
Publisher: Back Bay Books; Reprint edition
Published date: 12th May 2015  

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Protagonists Of The [[Our Souls at Night]] Novel by Kent Haruf | Book-Hub Review

YOU! would be inspired by this story of love once you have heard some questions she has made to him.

When you feel lonely at wherever your age is. You want someone to talk with?

In here, you will see that she(Addie) wants him(Louis) to come over to her house some night and sleep with her.?!?! She means not for sex, just for talk and comfort each other.

A spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future.

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The love story of the couple, Addie Moore and Louis Waters happened at Holt, Colorado.

This love novel begin with Addie Moore goes to visit one of her neighbor, Louis Waters, who lives just a few block away from her home.

Not only the unexpected visiting, but also the inconceivable expression Addie makes to Louis.

Addie Moore, 70-year-old, a widow-her husband died years ago, lived in Holt for 44 years.

Louis Waters, as did his wife-passed away for years. He grew up in this town, Holt, he went away for studying and working, and came back 46 years ago.

So, now they live in the same town and their houses are very near each other only a block apart.

The high-light question sentence that Addie makes to Louis is:

“I wonder if you consider coming to my house sometimes to sleep with me?”

Louis is stunned by such as Addie’s state shooting. However, he replies:
“What?” “How do you mean?”…

The time fly, their relationship has been developing and speeding up though out the town. One day, Addie has brought her closed neighbor, Ruth, to go for shopping.


What do they do when taken some snark about Addie’s love affair from the grocery clerk?

Ruth knows very well on how to protect her friend in that ashamed and hard situation and on the other hand how to deal with the cashier not jumping into their business.

Gene, Addie’s son, after learning what happening about connection of his mother and Louis. Now resents Louis and suspects him wanting to take her money without true love...

Then he takes his son, Jamie, back to live with him and his wife after Jamie, 6-year-old, comes to stay with his grandmother for the summer time. Jamie will be not allowed by Gene seeing each other grand mom unless Addie quits with Louis.

What to be continued, find it yourself inside the wonderful love novel,Addie Moore and Louis Waters happened at Holt, between a couple at old ages-not less than the level of the love story of younger in other books.

Title: Our Souls at Night Novel by Kent Haruf 
Reviewed by: Michael Leng 
On 3 June 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-1101875896
Publisher: Knopf; First edition
Published date: 26th May 2015
Language: English

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[[It Ain't Sauce, It's Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life]] Book-Hub Reviewed by Michael Leng

Steve Martorano said "How Food Saved My Life." See the owner of several Cafe Martorano in the prime locations in U.S. writes about his menu-the Best Meatballs in the World, and the story how food saved his life.

Image shown under down here is luring my mount-watering; well can you guess it is wine or his dish! lol.

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Have you ever tried genuine or contemporary Italian food?

For me, I have had it several times in the restaurants in my hometown.

The book “It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life” makes me think about my one of my old day in the Italian restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the heart of Bangkok city, the busiest place such as Silom, Siam, Chidlom, Lăng-sŭan soi and Phloenchit are very popular and well known by the people. There are many tall building, luxury hotels, service apartments, famous supermarkets, embassies and restaurants-both local Thai and international cuisines.

The areas mentioned above are the most best places for running somewhat high-end business. In Thai, I would call it “ย่านคนรวย” [yâan kon ruay] the area for the rich- the one who have high-earning individuals. Cost of living is higher than the other places.
I’d personally rather not to go there if I don’t have any necessary thing to do in such a horrible area like that, it's because of the two main reasons;-
That’s my first reason.

Secondly, the unmoved traffic- sometimes you have to spend your time for get moving your car from place to place 2 miles by an hour. I hate traffic jam. In addition, I absolutely believe everyone does. However, I don’t know how the people over there could stand with this fucking city in freezing spell!

However, one day, some of my old close friends called and invited me to dining out together. They don’t find where to go yet. Some recommend going for the ordinary Thai restaurants while the others have some different idea in their mind.

They have kept discussion for choosing where to go a week, the conclusion came out to go for having Italian food in Lansuan soi area, because one of the group worked around there and have tried it before,- she insisted the food is great and the taste is good. I agree with them even I know that Langsuan soi is one place in Bangkok that having the terrible traffic, particularly, in rush hours, and I hate it, the traffic jam.

We have set up the date of appointment at the end of the same month. Because it is the date for everyone getting the salary, then we could share and afford money for our foods and drinks.

Once when the appointment date is due, I took a bus and took off at the main street, between Sukhumvit and Phloenchit, and taking a walk for a few minutes to the blocks the restaurant located.

This Italian restaurant is fully with customers. It’s very busiest and business trends to grow up well. I only counted the numbers of the guests and the tables they have in the restaurant, I can guess how the business trends to be.

Well, what I were ordering was difficult for me to know. It was my first time entering to genuine Italian restaurant. The waiter worked hard on trying to explain me how the food come out look like and their taste mouthwatering were.

We ordered several dishes. I don’t remember what to call all our ordering menus except the “New Zealand Mussels with Cheese.” I didn’t make any more questions about the mussel which is stated “New Zealand Mussels”- imported from New Zealand or they just only can be found in domestic fresh market.

To eat with hot is recommended. Noticed those mussels baked with cheese severed with 4-5 in uncover shells on its top. We have shared those mussels baked for one each. There were five shells in a plate,-match to the number of us.

Well, after I have glanced the name of the book “It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life”, my saliva is started very greedy for meatballs while I also wonder the line which is stated “…, and How Food Saved My Life” is about? All the unveil issue were clear until I have learned that Steve Martorano, the “It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life” book’s author.

He is saved from the glamor of crime and easy money bring to bear a powerful yank on his life until he began his own food business-sandwich, which later on developed and expanded several branches in a chain of popular and successful restaurant.

In my personal opinion, I think Steve Martorano has a gentle mind under his subconscious,- not let his life stray a blocks in the wrong direction, grew up in a family with mob ties in South Philadelphia, and somethings bad around him that it’s easy to bring anyone to the trap.

To talk about Steve Martorano’s story is interested me too. I admire him and anyone who behaves the same like him, Steve Martorano. He started from small to large- selling sandwiches. Said no to his future was to drive a truck or join the mob, in despite of some of neighborhoods do.

Started running his first restaurant-selling and serving homemade sandwiches with a side of his own style- Steve’s personality, it(Steve’s restaurants business) grow up dramatically and become the recipe and a chain restaurants business today.- Steve Martorano is the owner of Cafe Martorano in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida, and two Martorano's locations in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not only the restaurants he has been dealing, but also a Martorano wine label, pasta sauces, and a line of clothing that he has launched and. He lives in Fort Lauderdale at the present time.

Latest one of his work which is topped up from his food and restaurants, is writing a book “It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life”

STEVE MARTORANO’s life story inspires me to wake up for the new day with a fully hope of successful in my life. Perhaps to start my own one business with a small restaurant for a single menu “Rice steamed with chicken boiled and soup” in Thai: ข้าวมันไก่ต้มเสริฟ์กับน้ำซูปพร้อมน้ำจิ้ม [kâao man gài dtôm săy-ríf gàp nám súp próm nám jîm].

Thanks for a good cookbook “It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life” from Steve Martorano that it may be help me to start my turn-out for the rich. Nevertheless, I am sure if I won’t go open my restaurant at the fucking area somewhere, which the cars can crawl a bit by a bit every day…

Title: It Ain't Sauce, It's Gravy: Macaroni, Homestyle Cheesesteaks, the Best Meatballs in the World, and How Food Saved My Life

Reviewed by: Michael Leng

At: 31 May 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-1601426963
Publisher: Knopf   
Published date: 28 October 2014  

Language: English

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

[[Pride and Prejudice]] (Dover Thrift Editions) by Jane Austen (Author) | Book-Hub Review

Talk about one of English novel which gives readers having entertainment, Pride and Prejudice was one of the most universally loved and admired English novels list.

; that he came down On Monday in chaise and four to see the to see the place,...(line 25, chapter 1)

This is set me that anyone who has a carriage with four hoses in 19th century is a man of large fortune!

Buy Now!

Elizabeth Bennet is the Bennets second eldest of five daughters, 20, and is attractive, lively, intelligent, playful…

She lives with her parents and the other four sisters in a remote Hertfordshire village, near London, UK.

Her mother, Mrs. Bennet, is worrying about her five unmarried vivacious daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine (Kitty) and Lydia, and intends to find them husbands.

It seems very hard to marry off five daughters at a time if possible-with regard to Mrs. Bennet's expectation.

However, the situation has been improved after Mr. Charles Bingley, 23, a handsome, the rich and eligible, and his status-conscious, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, 28, wealthy, -owns the renowned family estate business, have moved into Hertfordshire town and become the Bennet’s neighborhood.

The love’s pathway has begun from this part, - when Bingley has paid his attention to Jane while Darcy, the male protagonist of this story, Pride and Prejudice (Dover Thrift Editions), has a culture shock adapting him to the new unfamiliar society.
Moreover, he got some struggles with Elizabeth, the second eldest the Bennets daughter after Jane, who had prejudice against him, Darcy.

Find out yourself the romance novel, one of the most universally admired and loved effervescent story of rural of English country.

How Jane Austen (Author) penned the two characters of lovers-Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (Dover Thrift Editions) novel who seem rather unable to get along together at the early time when they have met, but end up with love.

Can you imagine how Fitzwilliam Darcy whose pride have to be humbled and Elizabeth Bennet have dissolved prejudice in mind against him, Darcy?

This story is a selection of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

The tale is set in the early 19th century, England.
What do you think about this review article? Is it useful for you?

Please kindly leave your comments.

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Reviewed by: Michael Leng
On: 30th May 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-0486284736
Publisher:  Dover Publications (April 12, 1995)
Published date: 12th April 199  

Language: English

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

[[Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA]] Board Book by Jimmy Fallon As An Author And Miguel Ordóñez Is An Illustrator.

Do you have any kid with age 1-3 years or Grade Level: Preschool and up?

If yes, we would like to recommend you one of good book for them.

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He,Jimmy Fallon, has written the book, Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA, and scheduled to launch on June 9, 2015.

Jimmy Fallon married with Nancy Fallon, and they have two daughters, Winnie Rose, born July 2013 and Frances Cole, a baby. They live together in New York City.

Have you ever watched the Tonight Show, one of the most popular entertainers show in the word and NBC’S?

Jimmy Fallon is the Show host as it is stated above. He works for a TV show and authors book. Talking about his books, the first one is “Snow Fight”, be on bookstores for selling in year 2005.

“Snowball Fight” book is a kids book as same as “Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA”It contains story about how kids having fun when their school is temporary closed and canceled for snow.

It makes me recall to my past time when I was working for one of the manufacturing. Whenever the factory has to stop their production lines due to the halt of electricity supply problem. All staffs and workers have fun for stopping their operation and they just wait for resume to work again once electricity power issue is fixed. During waiting time, they chitchatted together while some went to find some cans of soft drink and sipped. It was very fun, ha ha.- I confused myself what I am talking about!
Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA is the book that Jimmy Fallon has written by inspiration of his daughter, Winnie Rose, because as everyone may be knows well the word “Mama” is commonly for kids would say it when they grow up and reach as their age-around 10 month +. 

Nevertheless, Jimmy Fallon has some created idea to make his first kid, Winnie Rose, to say “Dada”.

After you have read the book till the end, you and your kids will find the amusing tale of father attempting to coax his very young kids into speaking “Dada” on and adventure that including meeting many type of fun animals too.

Why did he try to do this his project?

I think the word “Dada” is a sort of the word producing the sound amidst the word “Mama and Papa” conjugates together and then it could be made out a new word “Dada” accordingly-this is my personal opinion. Just forget it and find it yourself.

How does this book look like?

“Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA” Book is printed one thick paperboard, to withstand the abuse of toddlers and infants.

It is with around 500 words and for kids at age between 1-3 years, has aboard round 12-16 pages long. This is generally board book genre for very young kids’ books.

How did Jimmy’s attempt ion and up with?

Do you unbelievably, Jimmy lost that fight to his daughter!?!?

Find more informative story yourself through the book “Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA”

Jimmy Fallon is an author as Miguel Ordonez is an Illustrator.

Title: Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA
Reviewed by: Michael Leng
At: 28th May 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-1250071811
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends; Brdbk edition
Published date: 9th June 2015
Language: English

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Friday, May 22, 2015

[[Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus]] Book Written by Rifqa Bary | Book-Hub Review

Once I have learnt that the book “Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus” is about story of Rifqa Bary who has hiding her faith from her Muslim family for four years and then became Christianity, I am very excited for that.


She, Rifqa Bary, grew up in a Muslim home and her parents are following the rituals of Islam as same as other devout Muslim is and so did she.

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Rifqa Bary was an obediently girl. She did what her parents have told; especially the Islam’s rituals practice.

However, one day she has changed her life, leaved her family with thought she will never come back again…

The book’s inside “Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus”, there are the long story that was it she never revealed before. For instance, how Rifqa has made her mind to leave from her family, Muslim home, to find her new life.

In year 2009, Rifqa Bary ran away from her home in Ohio and went to refuge with Christians in Florida.

How did she know and find out that refuge in Florida?

She had met it on Facebook.

Her Muslim parents knew that and fought to have her returned home. Nevertheless, at that time due to she was too young-16 years, therefore, she was under taking care and lived in Ohio state custody.

Even Police in the both states, Ohio and Florida, found no any evidence and sign she was in danger from whatever if she returned home.

Rifqa Bary said she had heard stories of so-called honor killing for anyone who convert from Islam to another religion…

Facebook is a light for Rifqa Bary to navigate her to the new refuge in Florida. She could find for in a very hard time the only one way. Once she immediate made her mind escaping from her parents. If she had nothing-no Facebook, at the time being to search out for any destination for her journey, what would he happened to her life.

This book “Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus” will inspire you, readers, to live in this world with hope. Rifqa has a brave heart to renounce Islam and put off her veil at her a very age, she accepted the challenge.

Rifqa’s story will give you not only what you fully intend to do for your goal of life, but how you walk firmly with a clear target for tomorrow.

Do you want to know more a bit Rifqa’s background?

Rifqa full name is Fathima Rifqa Bary. She was born on August 10, 1992, in Sri Lanka. She has one elder brother Rilvan and younger brother Rajaa.

Rifqa’s father Mohammed and Aysha Bary initially took her to America for searching any medical to treat her after she became blind in her right eye.

In her early age in the US, she grew up in the Columbus Suburb of Now Albany. She likes to play guitar and write poetry. Then during she studied at the New Albany High School with her elder brother, Rilvan, she took guitar lessons and spend her free time for writing what she loves-poetry.

In year 2009, Rifqa drew international attention when she escaped from her parents’ home to the new place in Orlando, Florida. Her story was broadcast on TV about why and how she had left her home and become a Christian...

Reviewed by: Michael Leng
At: 22 May 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-1601426963
Publisher: WaterBrook Press   
Published date: 19th May 2015  

Language: English

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Monday, May 18, 2015

[[It Starts With Food]]: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways Written by Dallas Hartwig & Melissa Hartwig

It Start With Food can pull out diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, acne, eczema, psoriasis, chronic , fatigue, asthma, sinus infections, allergies, migraines, acid reflux, Crohns, celiac disease, IBS, bipolar disorder, depression, Lyme disease, endometriosis, PCOS, autism, fibromyalgia, ADHD, hypothyroidism, arthritis and multiple sclerosis from your body.

Click now! for more detail

How can I trust what this book is saying that?

Dallas and Melissa’s book is containing powerful nutritional plan, which is designed for having results by 30 days-conducted.

Diseases, obesity and unseen symptoms are not wanted by anybody. Because there are gang of thrives who steal a lively life and commonly living of you!

The book “It Start With Food” explores how and what sort of foods you may be getting bad negative influences what you look, how you feel and way you live.

This is different diet program, which Dallas and Melissa Hartwig have created, in clean and clear plan, than the other you may have ever known before.

To hold a Certified Sports Nutritionist-Melisa and a BS in Anatomy & Physiology from Andrews University-Dallas are very significant for writing a reliable book having instructed health care.

For instance of some lines of their lifelong strategy are;
  • What are good foods for being had
  • When are good times to intake your food
  • How much amount of your meal for eating per meal
  • What are the conducts to help for a healthy metabolism
  • How to make a good calm systematic inflammation
  • How to create a better heal for your digestive tract
  • The way for ending your unhealthy habits
  • Approach of making a good relationship with your (healthy) food-with delicious
What is this book based on the contents inside?

The book “It Start With Food” is based on real-life experience and the latest scientific research.

Why should I buy this book?

If you have read this book throughout until the last page, you will get what:

1. Summarize the simple science which Dallas and Melissa have done and grasped it into the book, It Start With Food.

2. Some of delicious recipes.

3. A detailed shopping guide.

4. Meal Map with creative.

5. Some of testimonials.

6. Meal-planning template.

7. And more.

Reviewed by: Michael Leng

At: 18 May 2015

Book Details:

Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing; 1 edition
Published date: 29th July 2014  

Language: English

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