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Protagonists Of The [[Our Souls at Night]] Novel by Kent Haruf | Book-Hub Review

YOU! would be inspired by this story of love once you have heard some questions she has made to him.

When you feel lonely at wherever your age is. You want someone to talk with?

In here, you will see that she(Addie) wants him(Louis) to come over to her house some night and sleep with her.?!?! She means not for sex, just for talk and comfort each other.

A spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future.

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The love story of the couple, Addie Moore and Louis Waters happened at Holt, Colorado.

This love novel begin with Addie Moore goes to visit one of her neighbor, Louis Waters, who lives just a few block away from her home.

Not only the unexpected visiting, but also the inconceivable expression Addie makes to Louis.

Addie Moore, 70-year-old, a widow-her husband died years ago, lived in Holt for 44 years.

Louis Waters, as did his wife-passed away for years. He grew up in this town, Holt, he went away for studying and working, and came back 46 years ago.

So, now they live in the same town and their houses are very near each other only a block apart.

The high-light question sentence that Addie makes to Louis is:

“I wonder if you consider coming to my house sometimes to sleep with me?”

Louis is stunned by such as Addie’s state shooting. However, he replies:
“What?” “How do you mean?”…

The time fly, their relationship has been developing and speeding up though out the town. One day, Addie has brought her closed neighbor, Ruth, to go for shopping.


What do they do when taken some snark about Addie’s love affair from the grocery clerk?

Ruth knows very well on how to protect her friend in that ashamed and hard situation and on the other hand how to deal with the cashier not jumping into their business.

Gene, Addie’s son, after learning what happening about connection of his mother and Louis. Now resents Louis and suspects him wanting to take her money without true love...

Then he takes his son, Jamie, back to live with him and his wife after Jamie, 6-year-old, comes to stay with his grandmother for the summer time. Jamie will be not allowed by Gene seeing each other grand mom unless Addie quits with Louis.

What to be continued, find it yourself inside the wonderful love novel,Addie Moore and Louis Waters happened at Holt, between a couple at old ages-not less than the level of the love story of younger in other books.

Title: Our Souls at Night Novel by Kent Haruf 
Reviewed by: Michael Leng 
On 3 June 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-1101875896
Publisher: Knopf; First edition
Published date: 26th May 2015
Language: English

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