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[[The Martian]] Book - The At Stake of The Solely Astronaut Written by Andy Weir | Book-Hub Review

Someone else might be dead if he was in this unforgiving environment. However, it is not for Mark Watney. 

Now you can enjoy your reading and fell you are now not at on earth, but Mars...

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"Martian" book is about the adventure of the solely man on

As an astronaut, Mark Watney, the first one who is walking on Mars for just around SIX Days ago.

No one expected, while he and his crew on Mars, the dust storm had attracted them severely. Then, after that, he finds himself stayed alone COMPLETELY. All of his crew had evacuated to earth during being forced by the giant storm. The crew thought him, Mark, already dead.

In the mid of darkness where it is far from earth around 225 million km. average between Mars and Earth. What can he eat? Where is he going to sleep? Is there any drinking water for ending his thirsty? No, all these questions are unanswered.

Unbelievable, he thinks in positive way, - Why can’t he come back to his home (Earth) since it has the way that he comes to the Mars. There is the will there is the way.

As an engineer background, Mark should handle this tough situation in the tough time. Will his resourcefulness be enough to deal the one apparently unconquerable difficulty against him? On the other hand, he is much likely to be killed by his thought as one of the two frog’s story as almost everyone has heard!

The worst case of human life adventures are on the Earth; sea, junks and mountains, but in the book “Martian”, it talks about at stake in the fourth planet which taking around 9 months to get there-Mars.

Andy Weir, an author, thinks wildly unlimited- he thinks and tells us about the astronaut to help himself without waiting for hands from god to rescue him.

It is not much to see a ten thousand customer reviews on every books on shelf, but the “Martian” does.

If you are one who is fond reading book. Never miss the story that happen outside Earth but you can see it as real as you were there- Mars while you sit on Earth, at your place.

Title: The Martian
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: 7 Oct. 2015

Book Details:

Book author: Andy Weir
ISBN-13: 978-0553418026
Publisher: Broadway Books; Reprint edition
Published date: 28 Oct. 2014
Language: English

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  1. I have ever heard that the distance between Mars and Earth is about 9 months traveling. I could not emegine how Mars looks like. But I don't think I would get any bad situation as Mark in this Martian book....

    1. Chance to go there, I would เgrab it if I got even I'm not an engineer like Mark and cannot help myself while finding i am completely alone on Mars...I have a dream, daydream...ah ah...