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"People Don't Know What They Want Until ou Show It To Them" One View Of "Steve Jobs" Book | Book-Hub Review

Today, I am going to share you the words of Steve Jobs, the Co-founder of Apple Inc. , The late Steve Jobs was a genius and extremely intelligent person, known and respected in his abilities across the world.

Inside book, Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson – a book author who has written this book claimed that he has done a very researching- finding and gathering the information of Steve Jobs from lots of sources. Including interviews with more than a hundred people in a variety of connection with Steve and more forty-talk interviews with Steve himself, Walter Isaacson uses the whole raw data and lays in lines under the cover of book, Steve Jobs.

You will see the real in a whole life of Steve Jobs; Steve Jobs who changes the world in IT technology within the 656 pages of paper.

Then, you may see something inside there and ignite your will…

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Steve Jobs, does not believe the “Focus group discussions” that it is usually done in various organizations and firms before the mass of actual production for precision and reach potential customers.

He thinks that the customers will never know what they want until seeing the invented product that is shown in front of them. He and his team work are ready to try developing prototype again a hundred times, a thousand times until it is successful.

"People Don't Know What They Want Until You Show It To Them."

This means that people who live together on the earth. They just work and make a living in their own way each. Therefore, who is the one thinking what is the new invented product and its direction go alike?

For example, technology of smartphone, nobody could imagine that at all in the old day. Smartphone today is made in a variety of its own, such as listen to the music, take a photo, online download, file scan , etc...

The smart phone, it is because manufacturers have developed products and brought it into the hands of the users.

Book Look
Book Detail
Page: 656 pages
Author: Walter Isaacson
Hardcover: Paperpack
ISBN-10: 1451648545
ISBN-13:  978-1451648546
Language: English
Book size:  6.1 x 9.2 inches
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (September 10, 2013)

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