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1-6 Years Board Book [[The Very Hungry Caterpillar]] By Eric Carle (Author) | Book-Hub Review

Are you looking for a good book for your kids (Age range 1-6 years)?

As a book is as a material source of knowledge, wise parents usually will use a good book that’s written primary matching to their kid’s age.

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What kind of books do the utmost benefit for readers?
Books are standardized regarding to the mainly reader’s expectation. They will help readers having knowledge, entertainment, innovative idea, reading skill improvement, implant book reading loving in children…
The New York Times Book Review stated a line below about the The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book:-

This book also has been "Gorgeously illustrated, brilliantly innovative..."

In addition, the Mother's Manual has commented the book as:-

"The very hungry caterpillar literally eats his way through the pages of the book—and right into your child's heart..."

People said education helps raw man to be a good man, therefore, find some good books for your kids, then it will become your indirect effective assistant helping you to look after them(your kids) like it is one more of your other additional hand too.

Let us talk about the very hungry caterpillar's path, in the story, he eats his way through one fruit on the first day of the week(Monday), he eats 2 pears on Tuesday, 3 plums on Wednesday, and so on and on, through cherry pie and sausage. So that he is getting very fat and eventually has an ill in his stomach. Moreover, you can imagine with no doubt what would be happened for his future?!?!

Children usually love the story about animals, particularly butterfly metamorphosis, and this book is not only chasing the kids’ initiate of innovative but also making them enjoy.

This popular favorite board book as well as can be used for teaching counting and the days of the week. There are some activities, which is the Very Hungry Caterpillar is doing during the way he goes each day in a week.

With more than twelve million copies of this book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, in theirs full-sized original edition have been sold out.

Thus, even the first original book printing is in English. However, due to the book is written with the beloved tale of premier character, the Caterpillar, ravenous science book, is re-printed more in twenty languages without diminish any part/state of the original book print and distributed to bookshelves worldwide.

The book is fully in all details, size and weight are fit for kids hand to hold, flip and carry.

Book in a Closer Look:

Book Hub List
Book Detail
Age Range: 1-6 Y.
Author: Eric Carle
ISBN-10: 0399226907
ISBN-13: 978-0399226908
Gross Weight: 1.3 Pounds(Shipping Weight)
Language: Eng.
Number of Page: 13 Pages(Board book)
Book Size: 5 X 7.1 X 0.7 in.
Publisher: Philomel; BRDBK edition
Published Date: March 23, 1994
Lexile Measure: 460L
4.3 out of 5 stars

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