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[[First 100 Words]] Board book by Roger Priddy (Author) | Best Seller in Children's Basic Concepts Books

How does the "First 100 Words" board book works wisely for kids?

It is a very good gift from god, if whoever has a warm family which are members all present, father, mother, kid(S)…

However, most of parents in this world usually keep eyes to see their kids since giving birth, now and future.

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To see them grow up with quality of life and be good one,-teaching them, sending to (good) school, finding some good education material for them, get them of many toys…

Well, people said, “Kids are as same as a piece white fabric-innocent; clean in every way, they will be painted by the Surrounding Society.”

Thinking what color we are going to see on them, black; white; gray or something else.

Parents, the society's first Circle of their kids, have an influence on behaviors of them.

To consider what we want them(kids) to be when they grow up, wise; good; rude; bad; mad one; etc.

Never forget that the education, which is well selected and proper to each range of their attention span, is considered as good as effective tools for them.

What does the good materials fitting your kids?

Seek them wisely and get your babies that. This is one proof that you do your best duty as good as parents have to do…

You want to see your kids, particularly age between 1-3 years, spend their time about reading and have fun with it too.

The book “First 100 Words Board book” is designed by the idea for educating children through something amuse and fun, thus your little one will learn whatever around them naturally and get knowledge very soon.

Roger Priddy writes the “First 100 Words Board book”. He works for children for years such as the book as mentioned earlier; it enriches with both 100 words and 100 color photographs.

What are those 100 words?

The sample words in the “First 100 Words Board book” are; apple, banana, baby, duck, car, chair, ball, cat, bear, flower, dog, sippy cup, clock, myself, walk, laugh …

Why are those 100 words?

The toddler with a young age from 1 year up will learn from things around them very fast, which are written in this book “First 100 Words Board book” already too. Let’s say once they (kids) can recognize just only around 50 words at least, they typically can begin to produce phrases themselves by using the 50 vocabularies in theirs head automatically.

Hence, you don’t need to expect your kids to jump up to learn whatever beyond their abilities. It is impossible to build the top story of building before construction its basement first.

You will never see your children form any phrases unless they have expanded their words up to 50 words approximately.

How do those words help children to learn fast?

Because, you know, man learns from things around, children as well,-they can see, hear, touch and taste whatever they can receipt it from things close to them.

The “First 100 Words Board book” picked all those things painting in color and putting with letter texts. Thus your kids will see what are in the pictures while you can read for them letters, then let them read or say after you.

What do the 100 color photographs look like?

They are in object with the different category, for example:

Red shoes, arrange fish, green pear, pink flower, yellow duckling, blue ball, white rabbit, purple tricycle, black buttons…

Be sure they will find both fun and educating within the only one book.


Title: First 100 Words
Reviewed by: Michael Leng on English as second language.
At: 2 May 2014

Book Details:

Publisher: Priddy Books; Brdbk edition
Published date: 10th May 2011  
Language: English

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  1. As an English teacher, I plan to go to book store for finding several English text books. This board book "FIRST 100 WORDS" is in my list too. I hope there will be available in store near my living place.

    Think it would be interested by kids in every nations worldwide.

    Hope its price selling in my country is as same as the original one...

  2. If these words were fit for kids, it's good to buy as for gift.

  3. It's a tough work for parents to imagine what is the best thing for their kids at the age.

    This book is already researched and designed for kids at toddler, I think.

  4. I have checked it and found that the “First 100 Words Board book” is for children at age range between 1 - 3 years or at grade level Preschool and up.