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[[The Girl on the Train]] Is Written by Paula Hawkins as Extremely Exciting Genre | Book-Hub Review

Paula Hawkins start the first line of her novel, The Girl on the Train, with: The train crawls along; it judders past warehouse and water towers, bridges and sheds…

Once I see it, I am trying to think and assume all over the story be end up like,- the some novels that are telling what happening in only one place, one day or within a night, particularly, horror movies.

Therefore, I think this Paula’s love novel would be liked telling the story occurring on the train which its subject tell itself, the same as I have experienced in some of films as I have mentioned earlier.

Well, I am absolutely wrong. Rachel, the girl who is the key character of the novel, she went to many places and far distance as I have thought.

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In the story, it talks about some places in different regions; the writer knows well geography, puts readers through them how wonderful they are,- ride motorbikes from Paris to the Cote d’Azur, go along the way down the Pacific coast of the United States,(It would be nice if there were some beautiful and in raw natural places such as Phuket, Cheng Mai, Pattaya, e.g. in my country, Thailand including in it, lol..)

Even Paula doesn’t much describe deeply how charming of those popular places are, but perhaps it encourages chasing you having pleasant felling a time while you are on the page.

Paula has a very good ability in imagination and telling things in every piece of the details, especially, through her writing, for example, I have never went to London, UK. nor taken a train for work, I usually take a bus or drive, however, after reading just only a few page of her novel, The Girl on the Train, I think I could see things around the side of train tracks and lives on the train of the people who most always commute by train as I could see it with my own eyes. Surprise!

Think if anyone who read this book was an engineer working for train authority in a maintenance department. They would not act to turn blind eyes to any signaling problems and never-ending engineering works. Ha… Once I come to the immediate above lines. I want to see the modern electric train come up as soon as possible in my country, Thailand.

Rachel is a protagonist of the story, - on the pages number…– ah! Sorry, I can’t remember where it is, you will see that she loves to sit in carriage “D”, why?, I guess you will have this question in your head, - am I right? Because, she will be able to see a perfect view, trackside house: number fifteen; to me this number may bring me a good luck; I sometimes pick lottery numbers as same as the numbers I have seen from everywhere, God bless me please. Lol…

Well, why does Rachel pay her attention the house number fifteen?

Explore it yourself.

Paula Hawkins writes “The girl on the train”. She has told the story about life the obsessed girl, Rachel, who usually goes to work by commuter train. - As it comes the name of this novel book.

There are many homes alongside the train she takes to London, England, and back to her home after the long working day. She, Rachel, lives in suburban of a big capital city.

While she takes the train, she usually looks at throughout the train window,-sees the same couple having their first meal in the morning every day.

To see someone doing such that kind of daily routine activities is a normal thing for every people but Rachel. She imagines about the couple that she feels they have relevant with her.

Through the pictures of them which are Rachel is getting- their life is completely perfect or almost flawless on the other words.

A writer designs how this novel does?

Rachel is the only one character in the “The girl on the train” starting the point?

She seems to run the story alone! Unlike the other psychological thriller novel-cannot guessing to the end if you just read by the half book.

Well, Rachel names that couple as “Jess and Jason”. They finally will have any concerning together with Rachel or not!?!?

Therefore, Jess and Jason will aware themselves that there is someone keeps eyes on them.

One day, their life will come crossing together. Rachel sees something while the train she is taking about to go on to the next station.

Resulting Rachel becomes inextricably entwined in the happening. She gives some information what she knows to the police.

Yet, she still does not know what she has done more harm or good?-to her…

May I know a little more about Rachel’s background?

She loves gin and wine, thinks that her recently lost if compare to the other, particularly, the couple: Jess and Jason.

In addition, she is a luckless girl…

Title: The Girl on the Train
Reviewed by: Michael Leng
At: 10th May 2015

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-1594633669
Publisher: Riverhead Books
Published date: 13th January 2015  

Language: English

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